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The porcelain factory in Loučky near Karlovy Vary has been producing traditional Karlovy Vary porcelain of purely Czech origin since 1907. It is the only porcelain factory in the Czech Republic where the original handmade porcelain production has been preserved. In the portfolio of Manufaktura Loučky you will find quality porcelain for everyday use as well as luxury dining sets. The tableware and accessories are based on traditional shapes and decors as well as original design pieces. A wide range of porcelain for all occasions is represented by the Rudolf Kämpf, Leander and Leander Fresh collections.

The long history of Rudolf Kämpf Porcelain

Czech and especially Karlovy Vary porcelain appeared in the world of porcelain relatively late, around the end of the 18th century. Its high quality is all the more evident from the fact that it quickly became very popular. Kaolin, clays and other raw materials mined in the Karlovy Vary region have been a globally recognised standard of quality for more than 200 years. 

At the beginning of the 19th century, many renowned porcelain factories were established in the Erzgebirge region. Most of them, however, ceased production during the 20th century due to economic, production and professional shortcomings. The porcelain factories that overcame this difficult period focused mainly on mass production, which was strongly influenced by commercial interests.

Manufacture Loučky was one of the few porcelain factories that preserved traditional handmade production and artistic quality. Despite the fact that it is one of the youngest porcelain factories in the Karlovy Vary Region, it quickly became one of the most important Czech porcelain producers. Today you can choose porcelain and crockery of original historical shapes as well as modern pieces designed by contemporary designers.

Rudolf Kämpf

Rudolf Kämpf

The Rudolf Kämpf collection is a very luxurious yet traditional brand. It is handmade porcelain of the highest quality. The shapes and decors of this porcelain were developed by well-known designers who work for Manufaktur Meadows externally. The unique porcelain sets, which belong exclusively to the Rudolf Kämpf collection, are called Antonia, Celt, Egypt and Maria Theresa. Each of them has its own specificity and was designed by a different designer:

  • Antonia - a replica of the original shape of the porcelain from Meadows
  • Kelt - by Ales Werner, white porcelain with rounded shapes is decorated with precious metals (gold, platinum) and is based on ancient history
  • Egypt - by Petr Kotěra, the porcelain is inspired by ancient Egyptian culture and uses plant motifs such as the lotus or papyrus
  • Tereza - by Daniel Piršč (this collection is in the pipeline)
  • Nefertiti - by Jaroslav Ježek (we are preparing this collection as part of a reissue), it is an original design for the Pirkenhammer Březová porcelain factory
  • SOLO - by Antonín Tomášek and David Síla, modern design tableware for tea and coffee preparation gained attention at the Designblock 20 show

In addition to shapes specific to the Rudolf Kämpf collection, this category also includes other shapes that are common to the Rudolf Kämpf and Leander collections. These are the Sabina and Sonata dishes.

  • Sonata - the dishes and sets are developed according to the original historical shape 3255 Barock from the Pirkenhammer Březová porcelain factory, which was modified by Jaroslav Ježek (the original Barock shape was used by T.G.Masaryk)
  • Sabina - by Václav Trpkoš (this collection is currently available in the Leander line)

The Rudolf Kämpf series also includes author collections. Among them is tableware by the painter, draughtswoman and illustrator Lena Brauner, who designed subtle patterns for dessert plates and cups and saucers for the Rudolf Kämpf porcelain house.

Luxurious decors and original shapes by Rudolf Kämpf

The Rudolf Kämpf collection includes tableware with production-intensive shapes with high curvature and ovality, which require the utmost precision and skill of craftsmen. This is why you will find in this collection mainly the classic assortment, such as dining, plate and tea sets or individual pieces of tableware from plates, bowls to cups and saucers.

The designs and decorations are completely hand drawn on white porcelain or ivory-coloured porcelain. In the case of precious metal decoration, only the finest materials with a high content of the metal in question (gold, matt gold, platinum, etc.) are used. Manufaktura Loučky is the only porcelain factory in the Czech Republic that has preserved hand painting decoration. Thus, it is used not only for dining sets and tableware, but also for accessories and thematic porcelain:

  • Antique Medallion (forthcoming)
  • Kelt 305R
  • Hand Painted Vases (forthcoming)

Furniture for lovers of fine porcelain

Thanks to the demanding production and hand-drawn decors, the Rudolf Kämpf range is produced in small quantities. The smaller the series, the more expensive it is in terms of production and sales. However, the higher price reflects the high quality and luxurious design of the porcelain for the most festive occasions. Rudolf Kämpf tableware has been used many times as a gift for important personalities and statesmen, has served as decoration in films and regularly wins recognition at domestic and international shows. 

At the same time, each piece of furniture undergoes an exclusive grading process. This means that the highest quality porcelain is selected before decoration. We follow grading charts that determine what defects are acceptable and what are not. Flaws are specified by their size, quantity and location. After decoration, the products are inspected again.

For the Rudolf Kämpf collection, we select only porcelain of premium quality. The resulting quality of the Rudolf Kämpf tableware and porcelain is unmatched in the Czech Republic. On a European level Manufaktura Loučky ranks among the absolute leaders in the world of porcelain alongside renowned manufacturers such as Rosenthal, Meissen or Herendt.

Porcelain Leander


The Leander Manufaktura Loučky range represents porcelain that combines industrial and handmade production. It is a high quality to luxury porcelain, but also suitable for everyday use. In the Leander range you will find multifunctional tableware that can be used for festive occasions and everyday dining.

Like the Rudolf Kämpf range, Leander also has unique dishware shapes that are typical only for this collection. The porcelain has been designed by renowned designers or takes inspiration from shapes that have been very popular in the past. These shapes are:

  • Mary Anne - designed by Jiří Laštovička, white porcelain with colourful decoration and traditional shapes is perfect for any home
  • Windsor - the dinner sets and china from this collection have the original 1930s shape

Affordable luxury tableware

Some dishware shapes can be found across the Rudolf Kämpf, Leander and Leander Fresh ranges. The Leander range shares shapes with the Rudolf Kämpf collection and these are the Sabina and Sonata dinnerware. In the Leander range you can choose from white porcelain or ivory porcelain with a variety of decors and motifs. The Leander collections are printed in large editions because they are very popular especially abroad.

Traditional collections decorated with coloured prints or prints with precious metals supplemented by painted decoration on the edges, on some surfaces or on reliefs are available. The Leander range also includes traditional Carlsbad pink porcelain. Manufaktura Loučky is the only producer of pink porcelain in the Czech Republic.   

Tradition in combination with the requirements of modern times

Leander porcelain decorations are designed by in-house designers and in recent years the main designer is Hana Jeřábková. The motifs on the porcelain in the Leander range are more in a historical or historicist style and give the impression of vintage porcelain. Ornamental and floral motifs, decors with fruit and other patterns commonly used in the past predominate here. Some collections have been on sale for over 30 years.

Thanks to modern technology, Leander dishes can be used in the dishwasher and microwave. The only exception is porcelain, whose decors contain precious metals. The colours used are fired at high temperatures (750-850°C) and guarantee sufficient durability

Even so, slight shade changes must be expected when washing dishes in the dishwasher, and precious metals may be washed out. This is the toll of perfect appearance and the requirement for bright, shiny colours and comfort. It is recommended to wash dishes by hand to preserve the brightness of the colours. However, the Leander collection also includes cookware decorated with fusible paints that, while not as bright, are permanent (for example, the popular Blue onion china). 

Because of the popularity of the shapes and decors and the long tradition of production, there is a rich complementary range. For example, you can choose from gift items such as a wedding shoe, a baby shoe, themed gratins, egg cups and many more.

Porcelain Leander Fresh

Leander Fresh

The Leander Fresh dinnerware and china collection brings quality porcelain to the home, designed for everyday use. It meets all the requirements for modern porcelain and offers a wide range of not only individual pieces of crockery, dinnerware, plate and tea sets, but also a variety of accessories and decorations. 

Even within the Leander Fresh range there are shapes of tableware that are unique to this collection. The designers and artists from Manufaktura Meadows are mainly involved in their development and some collections have been created in collaboration with external artists. unique shapes for this collection only include:

  • Hanka - by Hana Jeřábková, Josef Domčík and the Loučky Porcelain Factory collective, elegant white or ivory porcelain decorated with traditional, modern and timeless decors
  • Vesna - by Lenka Sarova Malíská, white porcelain decorated around the edges with precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver with the possibility of adding your own monogram

The Leander Fresh collection shares one shape with the Leander range and is the Mary Anne collection.

The Modern World of Porcelain

In the Leander Fresh line of Manufaktur Loučky you will find white porcelain and ivory porcelain. The decorations and motifs are designed to match current trends and fit all homes, from classic cottage kitchens to modern or industrial spaces. They tend to be simpler and less ornate than the collections in the Leander range, but they continue its tradition. The decors with precious metals are designed for festive moments, and the decors with colours for everyday use. It depends entirely on the taste of the customer or the interior of the space where they are purchasing the tableware. 

In addition to dishes with precious metal decoration, Leander Fresh porcelain can be used in the microwave and dishwasher. Similar to the Leander range, the colours used in the Leander Fresh collections are fired at high temperatures (750-850°C). This ensures high durability, although slight colour shade variations and, in the case of decors with precious metals, wash-out must still be expected.

In recent years, the chief designer of the Rudolf Kämpf porcelain factory has been Hana Jeřábková. Czech artist Lenka Sárová Malíská has also contributed to the design of several collections. At the same time Manufaktura Loučky collaborates on other new products with contemporary designers.

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